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We are here to revolutionize the industry by offering the first Quality GPS tracking device for all types of industries.

Limited Warranty

We are proud of what we do and for that we stand behind our products 100% offering a full year limited warranty.

Instructional Guide

Need help setting up the device? Not to worry, we include manuals and other materials to help you get started.


GPS tracking is one of the best ways to keep your vehicles safe as you will always know where they are 24/7.

A New Simple Design Engineered for Outstanding Performance!

It took a group of talented engineers to create the best affordable GPS tracker in the market. The craftsmanship and functionality rivals those of more expensive competitors.

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What do people think of our company?

Customer Service is a huge thing to us, that is why we always strive to be the best.

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We take pride in Designing our own products

Having your own team of product designers helps when you strive to bring forward a new innovation. We are proud to have such a great looking GPS tracker.

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A new player in the Game

Zenda GPS Tracking brings effective solutions for many types of industries at an affordable price.

See how affordable Zenda is compared to the rest of the Industry.


Exclusive 1 Year Limited Warranty

We will proudly stand by our products so you get to focus on your business.


We believe that simple is better

Finally a GPS tracker that can stand up against its expensive counterparts.

What Are You Waiting For? Give Zenda a try and see for yourself!

Our GPS tracker is one of the most complete ones on the market today! The only difference between us and the other companies are the higher prices they will charge you along with the monthly fees.

Economical Prices

Unmatched power

Quality Product

Great Design

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Monitor 24/7

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Stop paying high prices for GPS Tracking devices!

Find out more about Zenda and the economical line of products that will be releasing soon. Prices for both large and single pieces please email us for more information.

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